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Geometry dash for beginners

Even though the rules of the games seem pretty much simple, actually playing all of this can be very confusing for those people that don’t really know exactly what to do or have never played this game before. Thankfully for those people there are some things you can do to be able to really understand this game so this beginners will be able to start playing the game without too many questions.

So below we will share some of the things that the users of this games need to know when you start using this game.

Don’t get the secret coins

Even though this coins can make you can mean some achievements you can win, if you are having some trouble completing the level the best thing you can do is ignore this coins since they will only make things a little more difficult for you. Once you feel completely sure about your ability of completing the level you can then start taking the secret coins that you see.

This way you can get yourself acquainted with the level, and you know exactly what to expect and you can just time your rhythm to be able to grab the secret coins.

Turn off the music

The music can be used as a simple way to keep the rhythm you have to keep on the level you are at the moment. And even though the music can be something very entertaining the best thing you can do for your game is to mute this game, the reason why this is important it’s because maybe you will start hearing the song and start tapping on a rhythm that is not perfect for the level you are in.

This way you can avoid any kind of confusion, so this way without the music you will be able to focus on all the visual cues instead of the rhythm of the music, and this can be a plus if you get into a level that you just cannot get past since after playing it for a few times the music might start getting on your nerves and make you a little frustrated. This way you can stay calmer and stay focus when you are playing.

Practice mode

Something great that this game gives you access to, is the Practice Mode thanks to this you can practice all of the levels that you want to as many times as you want without having to worry about losing and the rewards, this way you will be able to see things like heads-up of what is to come.

Thanks to this you can just practice all you can, and once you feel that you already know all you can about this level in particular, you can just enter the real version of level and play it until you finally complete it. This mode is just a simple way to practice what will come in the game and kind of study it until you know all you can to complete it.

Take a break

If you get into a level that just seems impossible to complete, and have spent hours playing trying to finish but you don’t seem to be able to move on completely. The best thing that you need to do is simply take a break for a little while you can just rest and remove all of that frustration that the game has made you feel at the moment.

So this way when you finally feel calmer and relaxed you can start again and maybe this time it will be easier for you. Your eyes will be sharper and less tired, and your reflexes can really focus on the game.