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Geometry Dash tricks

Sometimes when you are playing this game, you might find yourself a little bit stuck in a level, maybe it feels a little bit too difficult and you have spent hours trying to move past this level but for some reason you haven’t been able to complete it. If you are looking for a way to get past this quickly there are certain things you can look up to be able to complete them at the end.

Like with many games there are some tricks you can find that will make your experience completing this levels a lot more easy than what you have experienced before in the game. So what we are going to do next is show you some of the simpler and easier tricks to perform, but some that are the most effective in making you move up levels in this game.

This way you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in this game when you are playing in one of the most difficult levels in the game, since thanks to this you will find a way to complete all the levels you need to become a champion of this game in particular.

Cheat Applications

If you are really struggling to get past one level in specific you might be considering finding a cheat app, and even though this apps might help you finally move up on the levels of the game, you have to be completely sure about doing this since they might slow down your phone if they are there for too long So the best thing that you can do is follow some of the rest of the tricks on this list since they will be a little bit safer.

But if you are willing to download this third party apps, you can use to move through the levels a little faster than you would do it usually. What they do is make your little cube in the game go a little bit slower, and this way you can clearly see the obstacles you have you avoid faster and you will have enough time to just tap on the screen to jump and know exactly what will come next, this way you won’t be surprised by any of the obstacles, so all you have to do is tap on the screen.

Use try mode

Helping you complete the levels and get better at the game is the whole reason why try mode is included in the game. So if you are getting stuck in a level you can just enter this mode and select the option of the level you want and this way you can just practice all you can until you have finally feel ready to complete the level you can just enter the level and finally finish it and grab all of the rewards you want in the process.

Don’t pay for anything until you need to

Even though the game is very cheap, it only costs 1.99 dollars, the best thing you can do is make sure you use the free version or the things that the initial download offers you before paying to its full potential. Make sure you get to know all of the levels you can see and once you feel like you know what you can do here, especially trying out the harder levels.

This way you will have all of the experience you need to know, this way you can complete all of the levels and are ready for the level of difficulty that the new games and levels that the full game offers you after paying for it.