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Geometry Dash World the most exasperating game

In Google Play there are millions of games. Most of them do not serve to entertain more than 10 minutes, which entails, that we try dozens of games until we find the most entertaining. You may have downloaded many games throughout your life on Android.

Many will seem good to you, others will like to play them from time to time, and others are so bad that you write them down in a list to never download them again.

But there are also a series of games, which are exasperating. These are the games in which progressing becomes an almost impossible task. Do you remember Flappy Birds? It is one of these games.

Geometry Dash World

We all have a friend who manages to reach levels that we do not even dream of, so we end up desperate with their playability. One of these most famous desperate games is Geometry Dash. Surely you have played, and without a doubt, you will have died thousands of times until you finish uninstalling the game with rage.

New delivery much more exasperating

Well, if you are a lover of this game, you should know that there is already a new delivery on Google Play. It’s called Geometry Dash World, and it leaves us with new scenarios, new cubes and much, much more desperation.

It is incredible the level of focus you must have to not die in the attempt and not lose patience quickly, but in the end, it is all a matter of habit, and you see what your mistakes have been so that for no reason you commit them again.

The new game renews all scenarios, with ten complete levels. We have game for a while, and once again we will need hours to learn all the touches to perfection in each level and thus become the kings of Geometry Dash World.

We have new scenarios, with much more neon, new portals, and obstacles. Everything is designed to learn to play again, so it will not be necessary that you have played previously. Of course, if you were a good player, you will still be in this installment.The game is free, although we have payment options and ads, which worsens the gameplay and aesthetics on occasion. We are facing a great game, which deserves, once again, that we give it an opportunity. We know that you will end up desperate, hooked on a level and that in a few days you will uninstall the game with rage, but you will have had a great time dying again and again.