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Geometry Dash

If you are looking for an incredibly easy and fun game you can play whenever you have some little free time, Geometry Dash is perfect for you. You will be able to download this games to any kind of device like your tablet and smartphone, and this way you will be able to play it no matter where you are. Geometry Dash has around 5 five games in the series of the same name.

In the game you are supposed to pass every single of the 21 official levels that you will find, with the help of the rhythm you will hear, each level has a different kind of music that you will have adapt to be able to win. You will also be able to win user coins so you can purchase anything on the three shops and the secrets vaults that are in the game.

Another thing that people really love about this game, and we are sure that you will love is the facts that besides of having access to the 21 levels that were created by the developers, you will also have access to around 40 million other online levels that were created by the other users of the game, so this way you will be able to see what they created and see if you are able to get through the level and even customize a level of your own, one that other users will be able to access around the world.

The control of the game is something very simple, all you have to do is tap or click the screen of your device, or click of the mouse when you are supposed to jump, and you are not able to change the speed of the game. You just have to do is until you have reached the end of the level, and if you managed to get to the end without dying you will win extra points.


The original game has around 21 levels, every single player will have access to this levels to at least 18 of them from the beginning, and you can choose whichever you want and every time you complete the levels you will receive certain rewards, in the official levels you will receive around 3 secret coins that count more than usual with the help of the secret coins you can unlock other secret levels (known as demon levels).

All of the levels will be separated according to difficulty, where the first ones you will be able to see will be the easiest ones to complete so this way you can make sure to win all of the coins you can until you are ready to start a different difficulty. Even though some of the harder levels you will have access to will take a few tries to complete, the online levels can be even more difficult than the ones in the official version, and with every update that is made to the game, you can see how it keeps getting more and more difficult with time.

So if you want to see how you would do in these more difficult levels, you can just use the ‘try mode’ that you have access to in the game, there you can choose any kind of level from the easier ones and to the demon levels so this way you can just see how hard is it, and what you will need to do to be able to complete, and do this without having to lose any of the achievements that you have won up until that point.


Like any other game, you will have access to certain achievements but you can only unlock them by performing certain tasks. Some will be won by simply collecting a certain amount of stars, you will win some of the things that are worth a little bit more if you complete official levels and the official demon levels which are harder than the usual.

You can also win more by simple adding more friends to the game, liking levels since the developers enjoy your input, the same goes with the custom levels. And there are even some kind of achievement that no one knows exactly what they are, and for the same reason people are not exactly sure what you need to do to be able to finally win this achievements, you will only know it when it’s time to complete the task.

Every user will receive daily chests if they use the game enough times, so you will be able to unlock achievements by collecting the shards that come in this chests, again the demon chests include even bigger rewards so make sure to look out for those in particular if you are looking for bigger achievements.

Other Games

Like we mentioned before, Geometry Dash is part of a series of games and here we will explain some of the ones you have access to besides this original version:

Geometry Dash Lite: This version is just a simpler version of the official one, the difference is that you won’t have access to other features that come in the purchased version, things like the custom levels, it doesn’t include daily chests, and you cannot create an account in the game therefore the user will not have access to the shops.

Geometry Dash Meltdown: This one is kind of like a spin-off of the original, is very similar but includes 3 new leves with different icos and other new features.

Geometry Dash World: Again another spin-off game, but here you will be able to find 2 different worlds with around 5 new levels in each one, you will also have access to a shop, a new vaults and different rewards.

Geometry Dash SubZero: This one is the most recent one, it was released at the end of 2017, it gives the user access to nedd icons and triggers, and most importantly around 3 new levels that you have never seen before.

Where can you download it?

If you have finally decided that you want to download this game, the answer as to how to do it is very simple, all you have to do is use the device you want whether that is a tablet or a smartphone and go to the app store or the Play Store (depending on the device) and simply write down the name of the app, and tap on the screen where the download button is, and once the download is finally completed you can simply start playing the game.

If you don’t want to play this in this devices, the PC version is always an option. But since the game was developed to be used in the online version simply go to the official site of the game, or if you want to download it you will have to also download an emulator to be able to execute it and play it.

Once the emulator is installed in your computer you can just look for the app and finish downloading it. After that you shouldn’t have any kind of problem with the game in the future, but usually the online version is simpler than this, there you will have access to everything you would in the official version.