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How to download Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a very addicting game that you will be able to play whenever you want to. This game comes with various levels that you can complete to be able to win all kinds of achievements once this is finally done.

Once you have finally completed all of the levels that this game provides you can even create your own levels, this way you can create the perfect level with the goal to make it incredibly entertaining, and incredibly difficult for other people to be able to complete, this way you can share with the rest of the users.

So if you have decided to start downloading this game but don’t know exactly what it is that you need to do to download it, we will tell you exactly what you need to do, to be able to do this in the right way depending on the kind of device you want to download the game in.

So below we will show you exactly what are the steps that you need to perform, to complete the download without any kind of problem. So read it and select the option for your device and start the download for this amazing game.

Download Geometry Dash in Android and iOS device

Downloading this game in this kind of devices is completely easy, especially since this kind of games are design to be downloaded here. The process to do this is completely simple and very similar so only follow these simple steps and you will be done:

  • First take your device and go to the menu screen, there look for the app store or the play store (depending on the device you have), and tap on to enter the app.
  • Once you are inside go to the little search bar at the top of the screen and then write down the name of the app.
  • When the results show up select the one you know it’s from the official developer, and simply click on the download button.
  • In the App Store you will have to enter your Apple ID, once you do that the download for the app will start.
  • Finally once the download is over, all you have to do is go back to the menu and look for the new icon that will show up on your screen. Tap over it and once you are inside you can start playing without any kind of problem.

Download Geometry Dash without App Store.

If you want to download this game but your device doesn’t have any kind of app store, so if you want to download this but don’t have the access to this kind of platforms it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to download this, all you have to do is perform the following steps and you will do it in a safe way:

Downloading an APK is very simple, you can do this from your phone or the computer.

  • First if you are doing this for your phone, make sure you go to settings and select the ‘unknown sources’ option for the download.
  • Go to the browser of your choosing and look for a page where you can download an APK, as long as the page is safe.
  • There look for the name of the app, once you select the version you like or the one that is perfect for your phone click on the download button.
  • Once the download is complete, if you downloaded it in your phone you can just enter the game and start playing without any kind of problem.
  • If you downloaded it in your PC you can just use an USB chord and move the app to your device and then execute the app. There you can just use it without a problem.