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How to install Telegram?

How to install Telegram on Android?

1. If you are a less informed user, the best way to install the application is from the official Android app store. To do this, you must click on the Google Play icon below. 

2. The Android app store is accessed. Here, you will now have to click on the search bar, that is the bar that appears at the top and where you type the names of any application, game or product that you want to download.

3. In the search bar you will register the word “Telegram”, then already in the results you will see the application with its icon as the first option and you will have to click on this suggestion of Telegram App.

4. You will enter the Telegram tab where you will distinguish the application from possible imitators by seeing above that it has more than 500 million downloads and that it is an application chosen by experts. So it only remains to click on the “Install” button.

How to install Telegram on iOS?

1. Install Telegram on iPhone or iPad is just as easy. 

2. The first thing to do is to go to the App Store, which is the app store for your phone or tablet. This is the application from which you download all the Apps.

3. Once in the App Store on the iPhone or iPad, you must now click on the search button that you see at the bottom right with the magnifying glass icon, you will reach the search engine with a search bar that you will find at the top of everything, and where you will find the names of the apps, games or products that you want to download.

4. In the search bar you have to search for the word Telegram, then in the results you will have to click on the word Telegram in order to see the matching apps, there it usually says “Telegram” in the first result and you have to click “About the app”. 

5. You will access the Telegram tab, and all you have to do is click the Install button. If you do not want to do everything from your phone, you can go directly to the Telegram address in the App Store to continue the download from the browser.

How to download Telegram on Windows?

Windows 10 offers two methods to download Telegram.

1. The simplest one is to use Microsoft Store, the Windows app store. You can find it by searching for it in the Start menu, but usually, by default, the icon is docked in Start or in the taskbar. It has a shopping bag icon with the Windows icon.

2. Once the App Store opens, you will see that you have Games and you need to find apps. What you need to do is click on the “Search” button it has on the top right with a magnifying glass icon. When you open it, a search bar will be displayed on that website. 

3. In the search bar, you should search for the term “Telegram” and in the results, you should click on the “Telegram” desktop application, which is the desktop version of Telegram. It will always be the first result, as it is the official app. 

4. You will access the application tab where you will see that it is developed by Telegram and here you just need to click on the “Get” or “Install” button, the second one will appear after getting the application and then you can alternatively start it.

5. It also has the web version, which does not need to install anything and you can go to On the official website you also have an .exe application that you can install on any version of Windows, but from the Windows 10 store it is faster and easier.