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Microsoft Teams: Frequently Asked Questions, Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Teams is one of the most invaluable, flexible, and powerful apps to work in teams while sharing files, performing simultaneous tasks, and more, working with people from all over the world. To help you get the best out of this app, in this article we answer the more frequently asked questions and provide you with some amazing tips & tricks to know every workaround for this app.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Can I add guests to my Teams?

Microsoft Teams allows organizations to work with outside collaborators, by providing you the option to add temporary guests to your Teams. You can do this by configuring the Azura settings for your Office 365, and activating the option that allows you to add the guests. 

Can I export the work settings and info from Skype to Microsoft Teams?

If your team has been using Skype for years to work and you suddenly catch up with the potential of Microsoft Teams, you don’t need to start from scratch. Microsoft Teams allows you to upgrade from Skype, and get your whole team to this new platform without having to migrate everything manually. 

Can I manage the shifts of my workers with Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams fully integrates with an app called Shifts, allowing you to schedule the shifts for the members of your Team. Integrating both apps is extremely easy, you only need to configure and integrate both apps, make everyone in the team install the app, and teach them how to use it. 

Can I install Microsoft Teams on multiple platforms?

Microsoft Teams is available in most desktop and mobile options. You can use this app on your Mac or Windows desktop, and even on your Android or iOS mobile device.

Tips & Tricks

  • Customize notifications to your taste

Microsoft Teams allows you to fully customize notifications by clicking on your profile picture inside the app. Here you go to the Notification app and set the type of alert and frequency, so you will not be bothered more than you want to. 

  • Use Microsoft Planner to make everything easier

Need to plan a schedule for your whole team? Microsoft Planner is the right tool for you. This app integrates with Microsoft Teams, allowing you to create tasks and keep track of them while on Teams, fully integrating the advantages of both apps. 

  • Forward emails to your Teams

Most companies send news and information via email, but some workers might be completely focused on Microsoft Teams and are not checking their email. To solve this, you can share emails to Microsoft Teams by using Microsoft Outlook. This only takes a few seconds, allowing any coworker that hasn’t seen the news, to be aware of it. 

  • Manage your files with SharePoint

SharePoint is a powerful platform providing you with the possibility to upload, store, and share files via Office. By integrating this app with Microsoft Teams, you can combine the functionality of both apps, to easily share anything available to you on SharePoint to your Microsoft Team. 

  • Keep track of work even when moving around

If you are constantly working while visiting clients and going from place to place, you do not have to miss anything just because you are away from your computer. By using the iOS or Android app, you can stay updated with anything your coworkers say, and you can chat with them, interact with the different apps, share files, and do almost everything that you can do with the desktop version of the app.