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Telegram is updated with interesting new features, find out which ones.

Telegram is one of the most successful instant messaging applications. WhatsApp’s great rival has a very large customer base that continues to grow thanks to the constant improvements that are made to the App to improve its usability every day.

 And the team behind the development of Telegram does not stop launching new updates to improve the possibilities of this service. And now, through its official blog, they have just announced another series of new features that will arrive on the instant messaging platform.

Thus, Telegram will receive a new download manager much more intuitive, a completely redesigned attachment menu, a semi-transparent interface on Android and other new features that will make the App even more useful.

All the improvements brought by Telegram with its latest update 

First of all, when a user downloads a file via Telegram, they will now see a new download icon in the search bar, which makes the whole process more convenient to pause or resume the download as needed. Especially useful for very large files. In addition, the Attachments menu has been modified to provide better accessibility. For example, if you share a file via Telegram, you will see that the interface is more convenient and intuitive. 

Telegram usually tests some new features on iOS devices first, as the customer base is smaller, so it is easier to control possible errors or bugs. In June 2021, the app introduced semi-transparent headers for iPhone users. If you have an Android terminal, you can finally enjoy this feature. You can also enable night mode. 

One of the most interesting tools in this app is Telegram Desktop, the desktop version of the instant messaging service and it really works properly. It is now able to support the integration of streaming applications. This allows you to use programs in such a way that other users can watch your stream directly from Telegram.

 We close all the new features coming through the latest Telegram update with an improvement that will allow you to access links to access groups or users in a simpler way. Regarding the release of this update, at the moment they have a staggered deployment until announced, so surely in the coming weeks you can enjoy all these new features in Telegram.

Latest Version of Telegram for Android

In addition to the important new features, Telegram 8.3 for Android includes improvements in the stability and security of the application and the usual bug fixes. You can download this latest version from Google Play or go directly to the Telegram download page.

There is no doubt that few messaging applications make as much effort to continue developing them as Telegram, and we could even say that it is the one that puts more intentions in this task: the developers do not stop making notable improvements to install any version of the application.