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Telegram: tips and tricks 

Write to a personal chat to remember things

Telegram is a messaging app able to compete with Pocket and other applications designed to help you save links, notes or even images thanks to the ability to send messages to a personal chat and, given that Telegram clients on all devices, you can also use it to send files and photos from one device to another without the need for cables or third-party applications.

 On the main screen, click on the menu button on the right above or expand it by swiping from the left in the “Options” column, tap Saved Messages. A chat called “Saved Messages” will open, this is the private chat, write there or send whatever you want. There is no space limit.

Send images without compression

Whether you want to send it to yourself, or to someone else, one of the main shortcomings of Telegram is that it compresses photos too much and loses a lot of quality, but it has a little trick, which is to send photos as a file instead of a photo, so it will send the original photo in full size and without loss of quality.

 In a chat, tap the paperclip icon to open the sharing options. Instead of selecting one of the most recent images or tapping Gallery, tap the “File Browser Browser” file to locate and select the image to share.

In the PC version, when you share an image, you can choose to share it as an image or send it as a file.

Automatically resizes photos

And what can be a disadvantage, such as compressed photos, can of course also become an advantage: with this compression, Telegram automatically reduces photos to 720 pixels wide, which is useful, for example, for sending screenshots or having photos reduced in size that you can then send to a website

Advanced photo editor 

If when sending photos you opt to send them from the gallery, you can pre-edit them by clicking on the “Edit” button below, and as there are quite a few options, you can adjust the exposure and contrast of the photos to blur radially or linearly, even edit the color options of the photo. 

But that’s not all, because if you click on the brush icon, you can also handwrite, insert text and, best of all, add masks. 

These masks are applied by using facial recognition technologies and allow you to add glasses, hats, wigs and all kinds of accessories to a face.

A photo album as avatar

More than a trick, this is a small advantage that many overlook: in Telegram you not only have your profile picture, but the application saves all the avatars you set up in the account and creates a gallery with them, so that the rest the user can see what you have used. 

To remove photos from this gallery, enter your profile edit and click on the avatar. This allows you to review all the photos and by pressing the three dots icon on the top right you can delete any image. This way you can control the photos that other users can see and remove that avatar you are so ashamed of.