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What is Telegram?

Telegram is an instant messaging application for electronic devices that incorporates the best of traditional communication techniques and new technologies. Launched in 2013 by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, who together created the popular mobile messenger WhatsApp, Telegram combines the security of encrypted chat with advanced features such as super-fast encryption, support for high-quality multimedia formats, a stress-free personal cloud, groups of up to 5,000 members, dark mode and many others.

Where is it available?

 The app is available on computers and mobile devices, as well as in a web version via browsers, with no ads or subscriptions; users can also download Telegram apps for Android and iOS platforms.

What does it allow?

Telegram allows users to create channels that support up to 50 members. In addition to organizing chats within channels, two-way typing allows long messages to be discussed through group chats in public channels available on public pages. Users can also share media such as images and videos with other members, similar to how they can share files within their own private groups.

Key features.

Telegram uses the MTProto communication protocol, which focuses on multisession on different devices. This protocol, in turn, allows transporting files regardless of their format or capacity.

 This App offers some features that other messaging applications do not support, such as: the creation of bots (automatic messages) and the implementation of secret chats, which protect the privacy of users through an exclusive encryption between the sender and the recipient.

It has a simple interface from which you can perform a multitude of operations. In addition to chatting, you can share image files, audio, video, contacts, location and much more. Other functions you can perform with Telegram is to make phone calls, send voice messages and edit images to personal taste. On the other hand, this application has a web platform from which you can chat from the computer.

Differences between WhatsApp and Telegram

The differences between WhatsApp and Telegram are many; 

– Telegram does not need a smartphone (not even a cell phone number) to work, so privacy is fully respected.

– Conversations are stored on Telegram’s servers (not on your phone) so there is no need for tedious backups and nothing is deleted when you change your smartphone or device.

– Telegram uses much more powerful and secure encryption than WhatsApp (end-to-end encryption), 

– Telegram has options for secret chats with user-configured self-destruction.

All in all, Telegram is an application identical to WhatsApp but with a lot of improvements for users. It is also possible to make calls and video calls, as well as form groups and super groups, create secret chats, chat personally and watch videos from the YouTube platform through the player that is built into Telegram, as well as send gifs and animated emoticons.