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Zoom: Frequently Asked Questions, Tips & Tricks

If you are starting to use Zoom, it is important to you know every secret of the app and you get all your questions answered. In this article, we provide you with an answer to the most frequently asked questions, and we also share some tips & tricks to use this app. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Is Zoom free?

The basic Zoom license is entirely free, which is the most commonly used version for small companies, educational environments, friends, and families. Some Zoom licenses hired by large companies are paid and have different services and advantages. 

Can I host a webinar without a license?

To host webinars, you need to have a Zoom webinar license. You can buy it at Zoom’s official website. After acquiring your license, you can start hosting webinars. 

Can I record a meeting?

Zoom allows you to record meetings to watch them later on in the future if you need to or to share the video with other participants. To record meetings, you need to have a license that grants you access to the Zoom cloud. 

Why can’t I hear anything and no one sees me?

Whenever you join a Zoom meeting, you have to provide Zoom with access to your speakers, microphone, and camera. By default, the app does not has access to protect your privacy, which is why you have to authorize audio and video usage every time you join a meeting. 

What devices are compatible with Zoom?

Zoom is compatible with most mobile and desktop devices. You can install this app on your Windows and Mac desktops, or even on your Android and iOS mobile devices.

Tips & Tricks

  • Automatically schedule and share meetings

If you constantly schedule meetings for your coworkers, friends, or class, you can use appointment scheduling apps and integrate them with Zoom to schedule meetings automatically. You can use apps like Google Calendar, Calendly, and OnceHub to do the scheduling. You can also automatically share the info for the meetings by integrating an app like Slack to Zoom. 

  • Use the same URL for recurring meetings

Another great trick for groups of people that need to meet often is using the same URL for every meeting. To do this, simply click on Recurring Meeting when creating a new meeting and schedule how often the meeting occurs. By doing this, the meeting room will be available on the desired date without having to change the URL for every meeting. 

  • Have multiple hosts in a Zoom call/meeting

In large companies, it is understandable that meetings require more than one host to make things work. Zoom allows you to set a Co-Host option in the Manage Participants section, but you need a Pro, Business, or Education license to do this. 

  • Create a waiting room for your meeting

Are you planning on running late? Or do you just want to create a comfortable waiting room for when attendees are arriving at the meeting? Zoom allows you to do this with certain types of licenses. The Waiting Room option allows you to set a background image, adjust the audio, and customize practically everything about the waiting room. 

  • Let your assistant schedule your meetings

By opening the Meeting Settings and clicking on the Assign option, you can authorize someone (like your assistant) to schedule your meetings for you. If you are chatting with friends or family this might not be that useful, but for some large companies with busy business people, this can be a game-changer when scheduling a meeting.