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Zoom: What is The Best Environment to Use the App?

In just a few years, Zoom became one of the most popular chatting, video chatting, and VoIP calling apps. Zoom features an excellent compression algorithm, an easy-to-use interface, and many other features that make it ideal for academic, educational, and work environments. In this article, we provide an overview of some of the best environments and applications for this app. 

Job interviews

One of the first and most popular applications for Zoom is job interviews. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the necessity for companies to interview people from all over the world without sharing the same physical space rose, which is why Zoom became the most practical solution. Nowadays, Zoom is used to perform job interviews without any of the participants being required to leave their homes. 

The reason why Zoom became so important for this application, is due to its high level of security and stable connection that performs excellently even with average and low-speed bandwidths. One of the best features of Zoom for job interviews is the usage of different backgrounds that make every member of the meeting look more professional during the interview.


Another important application for Zoom is its potential for webinars. Education and academic research did not stop entirely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why Zoom became a vital tool for the scientific community to gather without sharing the same physical space. This app can hold webinars with around 300 participants, but it can be increased up to 500 participants on demand. 

Since Zoom features a high-quality video, screen sharing, and many other options, it became an excellent platform for education and dissemination of scientific knowledge. Many companies nowadays also use this platform to teach courses with massive attendance, making it a similar application to webinars. 

Work meetings

Meetings are always important in the workplace, but they do not always need everyone in the room to be physically present, especially during these last couple of years. With a stable video connection, screen sharing options, scheduled meetings, and many other features, Zoom became a powerful tool for work meetings, allowing everyone in the room to arrive on time and participate by still being at their homes. 

High school/University classes

Education is one of the pillars of society, which is why it cannot be stopped, even during these times requiring students to be socially distanced. To provide a practical solution for this, Zoom rose as the best app for millions of educational institutions around the world, looking to teach courses with the teachers and professors having full control over the room. 

Family gatherings

Most family members looking to stay in touch, faced towards Zoom as the most ideal solution to talk, face time, and even chat during the social distancing season. With a stable connection and excellent video quality, Zoom became the most popular app for fathers, sons, mothers, grandparents, and other family members to communicate and share their latest news with the rest of the family. 

Community gatherings

People with the same interests have always looked to share their passion, gather, and talk about it. Zoom became one of the best tools to provide community gatherings for lovers of music, art, videogames, and many other subjects. Allowing for these gatherings to take place while everyone was able to keep their distance. 

Using different tools featured in the Zoom apps, communities can share their interests with other close members, but also with distant ones. Zoom became a way for community gatherings to extend their reach and go from meeting people from a local community, to include people from around the world who share the same interest.